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For detailed information on internet marketing and its components, please view our Complete Internet Marketing and Search Engine Practices PDF.

Determine Web Site Keywords

The act of determining web site keywords is an essential endeavor. These keywords are what differentiate you from your competition and every other web site on the internet. These targeted keywords need to be relevant to your business, but also actively searched for by people through search engines. Think Productions can help you find the perfect keywords to target.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the next step after determining your web site keywords. Your web site is then optimized from the ground up for maximum search engine exposure to these keywords. For more information, please see our section on Search Engine Optimization.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are another great way to boost your search engine ranking. Think Productions can run a reciprocal link campaign for you in which we gather and trade links with relevant industry, trade, and information forums and individual web sites. The result is more exposure, increased traffic and better search engine rankings.

Submitting Web Sites to Relevant Forums and Industry Groups

This ties in with reciprocal links, but it isn't necessary to trade links. Think Productions will research and submit your site to relevant trade and industry sites.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) are an important means to drive traffic to your website. The gist of a PPC campaign is you bid per click on keywords that are relevant to your business. These bids range from .05 to hundreds of dollars depending on the demand for the keyword and the profitability from a sales conversion. Your business only pays the bid amount if someone clicks on the advertising link. For more information, please see our section on pay-per-click campaigns.

We look forward to helping you with your Internet Marketing needs.

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